Sunday, March 13, 2011

D-Block Allocation

I just read an article on the online version of the [Springfield (MO) News-Leader] about the proposed legislation to allocate the D Block for public safety that has me perplexed.  For it is being co-sponsored by our first-term representative, [Billy Long], and he claims to know nothing about the part in the bill that authorizes the sale of the frequencies that are used by [ham radio] operators to commercial interests to help pay for an upgrade of our communication capabilities.

Please, don’t think that I am against an upgrade to our current system.  For I was absolutely aghast to find out a few years back that most police departments, fire departments, search and rescue and other emergency entities cannot directly communicate with each other—let alone with federal agencies and the military!

Furthermore, the [Emergency Broadcasting System] here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. has never really worked right, which brings us to the significance of possibly forcing ham radio operators off of the air.  For they are the ones who often get the word out the best when a tornado is bearing down on a community, or when a rescue is needed in a remote area.

Okay, I will admit that I am probably knee-jerking here.  For I certainly don’t know all of the particulars, but apparently, neither does our [Tea-Partier], which I find rather disturbing.

So, is he lying or clueless?  Either way, it is not looking good for this part of the [Ozarks].

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